Best Solutions to Unlock Orange / EE Phone in 2022

To be able to put a SIM card of other services like O2, Three, Tesco Mobile, etc., in your EE phone will require you to unlock your Orange phone because they lock their networks to be only removed via contract end or paying a charge.

Thus, for all of you looking for methods to unlock your EE phone, we have got you covered with the best of them.

Unlock the Orange or EE Phone Without Any Sim Card

Unlocking carrier phones that don’t have any SIM card are a major worry for a lot of people as there aren’t many proper ways that can help you out.

However, there still exist some third-party ways that you can use if you are aiming at unlocking the EE phones that don’t have the SIM card.

With such ways at your disposal, you will only find the SIM card to be a tiny block of plastic that is surely a thing that you can lose at any time, but you won’t have to worry anymore.

Thus, without any further ado, let us introduce a great software to you that can turn out to be the best help that you could’ve got.


DirectUnlocks will give you the perfect solution for the issue, and the final result would be an unlocked phone, which you will be able to access completely. Here are the primary features of the tool that give you a complete redressal:

  • The tool can unlock any carrier service and not just Orange and EE carrier phones.
  • The results that the tool gives at unlocking phones are permanent, and your carrier phone will get permanently unlocked even after having undergone a factory reset.
  • The tool has a team of professionals working in the background that handles all the user problems effortlessly.
  • The tool unlocks carrier phones very fast, and the result delivery time is just 24 hours.
  • The best part is that the services of this tool are cheaper than any other service available in the market for the features that are offered.
  • Another bonus thing is that the tool also promises a full money refund if the results aren’t satisfactory or the phone doesn’t get unlocked by any chance.

We ran our tests on this tool and found the results to be very good, and we think that you will also be satisfied with them. Even with the high efficiency of the tool, the user interface is very intuitive, and the operation is also very smooth.

Steps to Unlock Orange Phone with DirectUnlocks.

1. Visit the official page of Direct Unlocks, which can also be found by looking for EE unlock and Orange unlock.

2. From the carrier options that are listed, choose the right phone option that is locked, Orange, or EE in this case. Also, you will have to select the country in which the device is located, along with entering the IMEI number of the phone.


3. Hit the button Continue now, and the tool will redirect you to the next page, where you will have to make the requested payment. The amount will be displayed here, and you need to enter all the instructed details for paying successfully, only after which the services will be given.

4. Once that is done, the tool will immediately start unlocking the phone, and the progress of the order can be tracked on the main interface of the tool itself. You will also receive a notification about the completion of the order when the phone finally gets unlocked.


That was all about it, and it is enough to surprise anyone how effectively simple it is to use this tool to unlock the EE phone.

Unlock the Orange and EE Phone Via Carrier Service

We did mention above that it is possible to unlock carrier phones with the help of the particular carrier services itself, where you can directly request them to unlock your phone with a small charge that can vary depending upon the requirement.

In this case, there are two different methods available from which you can choose whatever works for you.

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Way of Unlocking the Monthly Payable Device

The option of unlocking the phones via carrier service is available for both Android as well as iOS devices. At the same time, you can either get the service for free or get to know that the device is unlocked already, and this can be for the following reasons:

  • The iOS devices with the EE carrier service get unlocked automatically as soon as their free subscription period ends, which is 18 months post the purchase.
  • The smartphones of Google Pixel that have the EE carrier service active on them get unlocked automatically as soon as their free subscription period ends, which is 721 days post the purchase.
  • All the devices other than the ones mentioned above need to be unlocked with special codes that one can get upon requesting the carrier service.
  • All the devices that are replaced by the users carry the same period after which the unlocking can be done as the timer gets reset upon the re-purchase.

Thus, if you need to unlock the Orange phone or the EE phone via the carrier scheme, here is the method.

For Orange/EE iPhones:

  1. Visit the website of My EE on a PC and log in with the user account.
  2. Open the section of Manage Devices and then click on the option of Device Tools.
  3. Select the option of Unlock Your Phone along with filling in all the required instructions like payment, etc., that appear on the main interface.

For Other Devices:

  1. Visit the menu of EE Unlock Device.
  2. Select the box if Pay Monthly under the section of plan type and then on the option No for stating it clear that the device isn’t any iOS device.
  3. Follow all the remaining instructions for getting on the steps towards the unlock process.

Note: Under the monthly payment scheme of EE carrier services, it would cost you something around £8.99 for both iOS as well as Android devices. The free unlock is available for the devices whose contract has ended.

Ways of Unlocking the Devices with Flex Plans or Pay As You Go

These plans have no restrictions related to the unlocking of carrier phones, which means that you can request to unlock your EE phone or Orange phone anytime with any of the subscription plans active on them.

This method can be used for both iOS as well as Android phones free of cost. Here is what to do:

  1. Visit the official page of the EE Unlock form.
  2. You will just need to enter all the details that are asked on the page about the device.
  3. Keep following all the instructions and steps towards unlocking the target Android/iOS phones.

Note: To unlock the device via this method requires mandatory registration of that device with the EE carrier service too. You can do so by simply giving them a call.


Here are some of the common queries that users come up with, and we have compiled them for you to make the info more useful.

Are Orange and EE the same?

The main reason why the unlocking methods for both EE and Orange are the same is that they belong together now. The companies T-Mobile and Orange merged their business in 2010 and began to be called commonly by the name EE. Thus, Orange and EE are the same companies now and have the same policy for network unlocking.

Are there any legal restrictions on unlocking Orange and EE?

No, there are absolutely no restrictions that can legally stop the users in the UK to unlock the Orange phone or EE phone. It is alright to even buy an unlock service via the carrier, too, with the only thing to remember is that it can be costlier for you.

Thus, you can have the benefits of the unlock being completely illegal, but you must also remain beware of the plethora of fraudulent tools and services that claim to unlock carrier phones but charge high prices for them without delivering the desired results. Check out for the trusted unlock services only.

What Are the Benefits of Unlocking Carrier Devices?

Following are the great advantages of unlocking carrier phones:

You will be able to use other networks on your smartphone.
You will be able to sell your phone at a better rate without any limitations.
The phone bill gets free of any roaming charges too.
You can easily switch to any other phone plan from any other carrier service that is more cost-beneficial.

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This was all about how to unlock Orange phone or unlock EE phone through various methods. We strongly recommend you to use the tools and methods that we suggested to be safe from the fraudulent methods that can cost you exorbitant prices for the job and not even give the best results. Try DirectUnlocks for the most efficient services.


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