Easy Way to Unlock Stolen iPhone without Passcode

Maybe you just got your iPhone back after it was stolen from you and the passcode is different. Or perhaps you are pulling a prank on your friend, and you don’t know what their passcode is. At the end of the day, the reason that you want to unlock stolen iPhone isn’t our concern. Our main concern is to help you understand that we have all of the fixes that you need to know right here.

One problem is that if you aren’t able to unlock an iPhone because you don’t have any idea what the passcode is, then you won’t be able to use the majority of the iPhone’s features. Playing apps that you download, viewing the photos that you take, and making phone calls are all things that you won’t be able to do. So, with that said, here’s how you can unlock an iPhone if you have no way to get the passcode.

iMyFone LockWiper – Top 1 Software to Unlock Stolen iPhone

First, it’s worth trying iMyFone LockWiper. This program is straightforward and presents users with everything that you’ll need to unlock the stolen iPhone. No need for any difficult fixes, you can unlock any type of passcode, and all you’ll need is a computer and a few minutes of your time.

  • Efficiently removes any type of passcode including Face ID, Touch ID, custom passcodes, and PIN passcodes.
  • Can unlock an iPhone if the screen is broken or if the device disables itself & fix the swipe to unlock problem easily.
  • Compatible with iOS 14 and all recent iPhone models.
  • Reset iPhone without passcode and computer & unlock a second-hand iPhone and use it as your own.
  • Try iMyFone LockWiper for free to bypass the iPad passcode before you purchase the premium version.

Once you follow our guide and you’ve found out how to unlock stolen iPhone, you’ll vouch for its reliability. All that we require you to do is install iMyFone LockWiper on your computer, unlock the device, and you’re ready to go!

How to Unlock Stolen iPhone with iMyFone LockWiper

Now that you have the professional tools for getting past the passcode, we’re going to explain how to use them properly. iMyFone LockWiper will prove to be a very easy program to use. After you follow each of these steps, your iPhone will unlock immediately.

Start off by downloading iMyFone LockWiper, and after you install it, you’re ready to jump in.

Download iMyFone LockWiper Free

#1 – Open the iMyFone LockWiper program and after it loads, connect your iPhone using a lightning cable.

#2 – After iMyFone LockWiper recognizes your iPhone, read the information that is shown which details the process. Click “Start” to continue.

#3 – Next, you’ll see instructions for putting an iOS device into DFU Mode. Click the relevant device model from the top of the display and follow those instructions.

#4 – iMyFone LockWiper will detect DFU Mode, and once it does, the next display will show you some details about your iPhone.

#5 – Make sure these details are accurate but if not, change them accordingly. Click on “Download” when you are confident that they are correct.

Download firmware with LockWiper to unlock stolen iPhone

#6 – Press on “Start to Verify” and once the verification is over, click “Start Unlock”.

#7 – A final verification box will appear. Type “000000” into the box and click “Unlock”.

#8 – This final part of the unlock process will require new firmware to download, so be patient, and after this, it will install on your iPhone to unlock it.

Unlock Stolen iPhone without Passcode with LockWiper

iMyFone LockWiper is far superior to any other solution to unlock stolen iPhone without a passcode and fix the problem with Your Passcode Is Required to Enable Face ID. It is very easy to use, and with this guide, you can navigate your way through the process. Before you know it, the iPhone will unlock, and you can use it as you normally would.

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Try iMyFone LockWiper Free

Tenorshare 4uKey: Top 2 Software to Unlock Stolen iPhone

One other choice you have is Tenorshare 4uKey, a program that uses a similarly methodical approach to unlock any iPhone. You won’t need to hack into the iPhone, and you’ll see a guide for every step that you need to take for unlocking it without a password.

Some of 4uKey features are:

  • Reset iPhone without password & unlock the passcode screen on any iOS device in minutes.
  • Safely remove the device’s passcode, and the personal data will be unrecoverable.
  • Takes advantage of iOS features that are already built into the system.
  • Known to be a quick and easy tool to use.
  • Available for users on Windows or Mac computers (separate versions).

Download Tenorshare 4uKey (iOS)

Although we don’t see Tenorshare 4uKey with hundreds of features, the fact is that it is one of the best ways to unlock stolen iPhone.

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How to Unlock Stolen iPhone with 4uKey

If iMyFone LockWiper doesn’t work for you, or even if it isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, then 4uKey is the best program to use. To help you start fixing the problem, here are the steps that you’ll be following.

#1 – Open 4uKey and read the directions and click on “Unlock Lock Screen Passcode” to get going.

4uKey Unlock Lock Screen Passcode

#2 – Connect the iPhone you plan on unlocking with a USB cable.

#3 – On the next page you’ll see instructions to enter DFU Mode. Be sure to select the correct iPhone model from the tabs at the top, then follow the instructions precisely.

#4 – If you successfully put the iPhone into DFU Mode then you’ll be taken to the Firmware download page. Confirm the details that appear, change them if necessary, and press “Download“.

Download firemare with 4uKey to unlock stolen iPhone

#5 – After the downloading is over, click on “Start Unlock“.

#6 – Wait while 4uKey takes care of everything.

Unlock Stolen iPhone without Passcode with 4uKey

And just like that, you’ve gotten rid of an iPhone’s passcode. Unfortunately, once you use these steps, it won’t be possible to access your personal data once more. Anything that you store on the iPhone will be unavailable after this process. If it’s possible to do so, then use iTunes to take a backup beforehand.

Try Tenorshare 4uKey (iOS)

To Conclude

We don’t care why you need to unlock stolen iPhone. Most people who need to use these guides will find it necessary because they got their own device back and found that the passcode is different to what it previously was originally. But, it simply doesn’t matter why you’re unlocking a stolen iPhone because both iMyFone LockWiper and Tenorshare 4uKey are here to help.

Both are fantastic programs which have been in development for years, and both of which are incredibly easy to use. So, there you have it! Choose one of the two programs, walk through the appropriate guide above, and just like that it’ll unlock your stolen iPhone and let you access once again.