Samsung Kies is a very useful and professional tool for all Samsung device users to transfer files between their Samsung device and PC/Mac in a simple way. With help of the program, only USB cable is needed to connect your Samsung to computer so that the communication between the portable device and a computer is easy to realize. In the following article, you can learn how to use the Samsung Kies step by step, the best Samsung Kies alternative – Wondershare MobileGo, and the importance to upgrade firmware.

How to Get Samsung Kies

To transfer files and upgrade your computer firmware, the very first thing you need to do is download the Samsung Kies on your computer. To download the updated edition of the program, you’d better turn to the official site to ensure safety of your computer and private information. After downloading the program, you can install it on your computer by following the wizard in several clicks! Also, since there are both Windows version and Mac version of the program, please choose the suitable version according to system of your computer.

How to Backup All Files with Samsung Kies

Since most files of your Samsung device are quite important and precious, such as the videos, photos and music, you can backup them with help of the professional Samsung Kies. Here are steps for you to complete the task:

Step 1: To start with, you need to connect your Samsung device to computer via a USB cable after you launch the program to bring up the starting window. Once your device is detected, you can check all file types including contacts, music, photos, video and podcast in the left side column of the starting window.

Step 2: Then please turn to the upper side of the starting window. You can see several options here, including basic information, sync and import/export. Please click on Import/Export to bring up the new window in which you can either import files to your computer or export files to your Samsung device.

Step 3: In the window of Import/Export, you can see there are two options “Import from PC” and “Export to PC” in right side of every file types. take contacts as an example, you can click on Export to PC besides it.

Step 4: After you click on the button, you will then see a pop-up window that asks you to locate a place to save your files to your computer. After the process, your files will be backed up to your computer successfully.

Backup Files with Wondershare MobileGo – Best Samsung Kies Alternative

As the best Samsung Kies alternative, Wondershare MobileGo can do more things than Kies can do for you in a straightforward way. The program is an all-in-one program that can provide you multiple features to make it easier to manage your Samsung device in the straightforward and simple way. With help of Wondershare MobileGo, you can easily backup all files of your Samsung device and even other portable devices in an easy way. Please ensure that the process is handled in the proper step to ensure success of the task.

Advanced Features of Wondershare MobileGo

  • MobileGo provides you the easiest way to manage all files on your Samsung device.
  • No matter whether you are Android users or iOS device users, you can manage all files in an easy way with the professional tool.
  • Even delete important files by mistake, you can recover them in one click with the professional MobileGo.
  • MobileGo ensures that your Android phone and iOS device are optimized with the best state and perform best utilization.

Get MobileGo

Here are detailed steps to use the MobileGo, just follow it to have a try.

Step 1: After you download the program, please install it on your computer by following the wizard. Please launch it to bring up the starting window. Then you need to connect your Samsung device to your computer via a USB cable then the tool can detect it immediately and display it in the starting window. Here you can see many options to manage files on your Samsung device, please select the “One Click Backup” to continue.

MobileGo for Samsung

Step 2: You will then see a pop-up window that shows you the files you want to backup including text messages, calendars, call logs, music, videos, etc. By default, all files are selected for the backup. You can remove marks before the ones you don’t want to backup to your computer now. It also makes sure the software runs in line with user’s requirements:

Backup Samsung Phone

Step 3: In the window of One Click Backup, you can see that the backup files you selected are saved to the location C:\Users\{USER NAME}\My Documents \Wondershare\MobileGo\Backup in your computer. You can change the location to save files as your requirement & desire. Also, to ensure success of the process, you should keep your Samsung device connected to your computer stably during the whole process. After making the settings, please click on the button Backup, the program will complete the rest for you automatically.

Samsung Phone Data backup

Method for Upgrading Firmware by Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is such a professional program that can manage your files in an easy way. What’s more, you can handle the program even it’s the first time you use the tool. In the following passages, you can learn detailed steps about how to upgrade your firmware with Samsung Kies. Just continue reading to learn more.

Step 1: To start with, you need to launch the Samsung Kies to bring up the main window. Then please connect your Samsung device to computer so that your program can detect it. To upgrade firmware, you need to connect your device to computer via USB cable while not Wi-Fi since it doesn’t support Wi-Fi connection.

In the window now, you can see the button Firmware Upgrade under the category Firmware Information, just click it to continue.

Step 2: You will then see a new window that shows you information about firmware upgrade, just read them carefully and ensure that the appropriate box are checked to ensure it runs correctly. Please ensure that the button of “Start Upgrade” is clicked to continue.

Step 3: After clicking on Start Upgrade, the tool will start to download the necessary components for you automatically. You can see the process bar in the window. Also, you should ensure that your Samsung device is connected to your computer during the whole process.

Step 4: After downloading the components completely, the program will start to upgrade firmware for you automatically. Here, you can check the firmware upgrade progress and latest firmware information by clicking the certain areas.

How to Update Samsung Phone with Odin

In addition to Samsung Kies, another tool called Samsung Odin is very useful and powerful to ensure that your Samsung device is upgraded properly. If you handle the Samsung Odin properly, the program will provide you a lot of convenience and benefits to help you experience optimized performance of your device; however, if you handle the program in wrong hands, the program will destroy your phone and turn your device into irrecoverable state unluckily. We provide you a professional article that shows you all detailed info about the tool and you can get access to the article by clicking on the link: If you want to try Samsung Odin for help to upgrade firmware of your device, you are recommended to read the detailed information strongly.

Importance to Upgrade Firmware

If you are smart phone user, you cannot ignore the significance of firmware upgrading. As you can find, no matter whether you want to communicate with your friends or get the latest information about the outside world, you will need to get Internet access. However, every time you want to get access to the Internet, you will expose your Samsung device to dangerous virus that may damage your device and even steal important private information. Then, by upgrading firmware of your Samsung device, not only the effectiveness of operations for your Samsung device is increased, but also make your device be compatible with those the latest trends and technologies you will need.

By upgrading firmware of your Samsung device, your device will be protected with the latest and strongly guard to ensure that your device can be operated with the best manner. In addition, all possible and potential bugs of your Samsung device will be fixed in the same time! What’s more, the process of firmware upgrade can also solve the particular issues you may face during the time you use your Samsung device.

All in one word, no matter whether you are using Samsung device or other Android models, you’d better upgrade firmware of your device regularly to protect your device from danger and optimize your device for the best performance.

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