How to Use Deezer Premium Free of Charge

Know More about Deezer Premium

If you listen to music often on the Internet, the Deezer will never be too strange for you. The Deezer is an online music service which offers music of great quality for the users online. But you can only use this service to listen to the music online, instead of downloading the songs on your computer. There are many songs on the Deezer, and you can easily find many songs that are hard to be found from the other resource.

If you want to listen to the music on the Deezer with your mobile phone, portable tablet or the computer, you need to download the Deezer Premium on your device. The Deezer Premium offers versions for iOS devices, Android devices, Blackberry devices, Windows phones, Windows computers, Mac computers and so on.

While if you want to get access to the Deezer Premium, you will be asked to pay for it, because it is a paid subscription. Now, thanks to the convenient Internet, there are some methods of using the Deezer Premium for free. And thus, you can make the use of all the features of the Deezer Premium without paying anything. That means you can listen to all the playlists on the Deezer Premium with ease, and you can search for the new songs on the Deezer Premium without hassle. Besides, if you have any nice songs that you want to share with your friends, the Deezer Premium also offers a good feature for you to connect to Facebook or Twitter. Also, you can choose to do it on your computer or mobile devices.

How to Get Deezer Premium for Free?

Since the Deezer Premium is so convenient, you may want to give it a try. And here are some methods of using this handy tool for free.

Method 1. Use YouTube Videos

YouTube is not only a tool for watching TV shows or movies, but you can also use it to search for the detailed ways for using the Deezer Premium for free.

Step 1. Go to the

YouTube video

Step 2. Then search for the relevant videos that you need. And then do as it tells you.

As excellent as the Deezer Premium, there are some disadvantages of it. For example, you can not download any music files from it. While it is of importance to download the favorite audio files and store on mobile phones, because people go out often, and it is a great waste to listen to the music using the cellular data than that to listen to the music downloaded. Thus there is an urgent need to download the music wanted on the mobile phone, which the Deezer Premium doesn’t allow.

In this case, I highly recommend the Aimersoft iMusic to you. Aimersoft iMusic is a tool that can help the users download or record the music from the websites which don’t offer downloading service. Besides downloading and recording functions, the LoudTronix free MP3 downloader – iMusic also works as a manager of the audio files on the computer. There can be two different versions for the iMusic, and you can use it on the Windows computer or the Mac computer.

Now here is the detailed tutorial on the way to use iMusic to record the Deezer music for free:

Step 1. Download and install

Choose the right version of the iMusic for your computer. Install it on your computer after downloading.

Download iMusic Free

Step 2. Launch the iMusic

By double-clicking on the star icon of the iMusic, you can successfully launch it on your computer. And then you can see the user friendly primary window of the iMusic. And then click on the “Record” button on the left part of the primary window. And you shall see a big picture of a disk with the letters “REC” on it.

iMusic - Record MusicPin

Step 3. Search for the music for recording

On the Deezer Premium, search for the music that you want to download on your computer. Click on it and play it on your computer. Meanwhile, please make sure that there is no other sound on your computer.

Step 4. Start to record the music

On iMusic, click on the “REC” button at the center of the picture of the big disk. And then the iMusic will start to record the sound on your computer.

Step 5. Finish the recording process.

When iMusic is recording the music for you, you can stop it by clicking on the “REC” button again. If you don’t do it, iMusic will stop recording as it finds there is no sound on your computer. Because it is intelligent.

iMusic - RecordingPin

Step 6. Enjoy the recorded music

iMusic - Recorded Music in iTunes LibraryPin

iMusic will detect the music recorded and match it with the most possible title and artist. So it seems that the music is really downloaded from the Deezer. And the quality of the music is as excellent as that on the Deezer Premium.

Get iMusic Now

Method 2. Use the online blog

Step 1. Go to the address of to get the free code for using the Deezer Premium.


Step 2. And then you can input the free code on your Deezer Premium on your device so that you can use the tool for free.

Method 3. Use Facebook

Step 1. Go to the .


Step 2. Then you will easily find the free code for using the Deezer Premium together with the tutorial to use the code. Just do as it tells you.

Method 4. Use Tumblr

Step 1. Go to the on your device.


Step 2. There are some posts which are useful. And then you need to log in the Tumblr, with a relevant account.

Method 5. Use Games Crack

Step 1. There are many ways of using the paid services for free. And you can easily find the detailed one that you like. Simply go to the


Step 2. Then you can download the relevant files from the website, and enjoy the Deezer Premium for free.

Note: Deezify is another day to download music from Deezer you should try. Here is the detailed guide for you to Download Deezer to Mp3 directly.