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Why Do We Need to Know about Viber Hack?

We have seen the proofs in the last decade and especially in the last year. The other problem that is common in teenage girls is that they get into bad relationships.

They are taken advantage of, threatened, and blackmailed. Adults face bad breakups all the time. Just take a look at the ethical side of the industry.

The employees use the company’s resources for personal stuff, and that is clearly a violation of company policies.

This is why you need a good Viber hacker app. KidsGuard works perfectly and serves you reliably. It allows you to hack and track all the popular social media apps.

It has a Viber hack feature that you can use to spy on Viber conversations of anyone. It’s a multipurpose application.

However, Viber is top of the list for teens who are up all day chatting and sharing things with other people. It’s a fast-growing application.

So, let’s have a look at how you can spy on Viber chats of others with the best Viber hacker app – KidsGuard.

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Viber Hack Methods:

There are more than 200 million people who use Viber for IMs, video, and audio calls. You can share snaps privately or in groups using this app too. The youngsters are a major part of the Viber community, and that’s why it is important to monitor their activities. The partners can keep track of what their other halves are sharing on Viber. The parents can set some rules for their kids while interacting online.

There are two methods for you to spy on the Viber of your children or friends. The first method is when you have access to the target phone, this top Instagram hack tool can help you hack the Viber account as well. The other method is for devices that are out of your reach and impossible to get your hands on. We will see a detailed approach for both.

Method 1: This method is for when you can easily get to the target device.

Step 1: Get the KidsGuard account

KidsGuard account is free for you to create. However, anyone can get a membership to use all the services. Click here to get a membership account. Then go to analyze the different plans that they have there. After that, you will have to choose a payment option. You can make payment in advance or just get registered there.

Sign up KidsGuard Pro

For registration, use a valid email in order to get your login details and app transfer links. Later on, you can get a premium subscription that permits you to enable advanced features.

Step 2: Install KidsGuard on the Device.

The method for setup during this step varies a bit for Android and iOS. If the target device is an Android, you should install the Viber hack solution and carry on with its setup. The Setup is shown on the index page needs you to put in name only and age the owner of the target device. Once you have selected the platform of the device which is ‘Android’ in this case, you have got to permit installation of the app. To perform this, click “Settings” and head to the “Lock Screen tab.” Then, go to the “Enable Unknown Sources” option and just click “OK.”

Then download the application on the target device. For that, click on “Download“. Once the transfer is complete, tap the “Notifications” from the bar or see it in the “Downloads” folder the APK file.

Viber Hack for Android
KidsGuard Pro

In the case of iOS supported devices, you have to pick “iOS” when choosing the platform. For this application to work on iPhone, you need to provide a login and password for the iCloud. Once the cloud is in sync with the application, you are good to go. Keep in mind that offers a lot of info and metadata about the iCloud Setup.

Viber Hack on iOS

After that, log into the KidsGuard account and acknowledge the terms that they may have. Then click the “Start” option and permit all app requests. You have now an active account and KidsGuard will start working undetected on the phone.

Step 3: Monitoring Information and Managing Control Panel

When you get to the third step, make sure the initiation method is complete. And, the iCloud is in sync for the iOS users. Then head towards the panel of your own phone and login there. At that time, it will take a few minutes to verify all the information from the monitoring device. The dashboard of the application is easily accessible at Once the data is downloaded, get to the Viber hacker app and check any shared texts on the Viber. You will keep getting the latest content as long as the device is not powered off or the internet is active. Just make sure to click on the “Refresh” button when you want the new data.

Method 2: This is for when you don’t have access to the target device.

You may want to spy on Viber conversations of someone even when you cannot get to their device. If the user enabled the ‘SMS History’ feature on Viber, then you will hack the e-mail and obtain their history information. There are only a few tested ways of hacking an email. One amongst them is Key-logging. Key-logging is the method of counting the keystrokes that someone performs on a PC or cell phone. For this purpose, you may want a program referred to as Key-logger. The portable Viber hack version of this program can be easily downloaded from ‘‘.

For this program to work, install the Key-logger on the device you want to hack. If you don’t have the access to the target device, there are versions of this program that use “remote installation.” Those types of Key-loggers are available within the market. They get the job done even if the user’s phone is as a considerable distance. These software work in background processes and are not detectable in any case.

After the installation, this program will count every keystroke and determine the passwords. Then, it transfers the data to a separate private server. To go in depth, a key-logger comes with a web account where you can check these data logs. You need to retrieve the e-mail and password by viewing the logs extracted from the device. You will then log into the target account, restore Viber chats and go through those.

Features of KidsGuard Pro:

There are various, and far-reaching applications of KidsGuard Viber hacker and some of those are:

i. You can set some restrictions for your kids as to how they are supposed to interact with other people online.

ii. You don’t have to violate the privacy of your kids. Just create awareness in them without being so obvious about spying.

iii. The partners can use the Viber hack feature to check what their other halves are doing online. Who they talk to and see if they need to keep their guard on.

iv. This Viber hacker app is for everyone who would rather be aware and get hurt instead of being cheated on.

The Verdict:

The pros and cons of the app – KidsGuard are listed below. You can check them and decide if the application is
worth it.


  • The KidsGuard app has great functionality.
  • The setup is easy, and you don’t need a complex manual.
  • 24/7 customer support is in place if you need any technical or any sort of assistance.
  • The website of KidsGuard is neat and clean. You can find everything there.
  • The program works remotely, so there’s no chance of getting caught.


  • It can be tricky to get hands on the cell phones of others.
  • There are no guarantees or assurances of any kind.
  • There are no free trial versions of this Viber hack solution.

To wrap it up, you need to be patient because it takes time to extract all the multi-media from a phone. It can be some work to go through all that extra information.

But all the good apps have some perks for their customers. It is part of the Customer Engagement strategies. So, TRY this amazing Viber hacker app! You will definitely feel your Spying Experience Lifted!

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