Best Viber Hacker: How to Hack Viber Messages and Account

Are you looking for an easy and quick way to hack Viber messages of your child or spouse? Whether you want to track the activities of your children, spouse or staff one easy way is to hack their Viber account by using safe and effective Viber Hacker & Facebook hack software through a mobile phone.

When compared to using a private investigative agency which is very expensive, the software is affordable, acceptable and is not prohibited legally. The software you choose should possess several smart features, be totally hidden and secure too. Viber is a hugely popular app used by iOS and Android users. It has several beneficial features that make it the most preferred choice among users. From voice call to messaging features, it has several features that do not involve using the phone connection of the cellphone provider. The app operates solely via Internet connectivity for receiving and sending data.

When you know an effective way to track and hack Viber messages, it will be handy to monitor your spouse, children or employees and keep track of their activities. mSpy is a reliable and effective Viber hacker tool that provides an easy solution to all your hacking needs. Let us see how to hack Viber account with the best Viber Hacker – mSpy tracking tool.

Is it possible to hack Viber messages?

Many people are skeptical about the possibility of hacking Viber messages. They think it is not that easy a task to do. But with the appropriate software and knowledge about the method, it is actually simple to hack Viber messages. And this can be done without the knowledge of the mobile phone’s owner. He or she will not be aware that you are tracking or hacked their Viber messages.

You can find several apps online that claim to track Viber messages effectively. However, the task is not so simple as they described. When you compare other social messaging applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp, Viber is not that easy to track. But it is not an impossible task, provided you use the appropriate software or application to do the tracking.

mSpy is an ideal tracking software that is created especially to track Viber messages. The software tool for tracking is built with the most sophisticated technology enabling easy monitoring. You can be assured of best tracking results with mSpy.

Benefits of using mSpy Viber hacker

  • It allows instant and easy access to the phone usage of your child. You can also view the messages the child receives via SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, etc.
  • You can monitor the outgoing and incoming calls and even record the calls.
  • You can check your employees’ activities on the mobile phone that your company has provided. The tracking tool can be installed on the employee’s device easily and conveniently track the activities when they are at work.
  • It is easy to safeguard your mobile phone from being stolen or to track it when it is lost.
  • You can also backup all your precious data with the software. This is very useful if the device is broken or damaged and you cannot access the data.

Method to Hack Viber messages from your Android or iOS devices

mSpy Viber hacker is an ideal tracking tool for use in both iOS and Android devices. The software is an effective Viber hacker due to several reasons. For one, it is the best monitoring and tracking tool present now in the market. Here are other important reasons as to why you should use it:

  • mSpy is an effective tool that not only tracks and monitors messages in Viber account but also in other social messaging applications such as WhatsApp, call logs, tracking of location, SMS and many other ways of tracking. Hence it is a very handy tool to acquire. You can use it to track not only Viber messages but also other applications if needed in future, making it a valuable investment.
  • The software for tracking is the only tool for tracking present worldwide that is fully compatible with all types of devices using operating systems including Android, Windows, and iOS.
  • The tracking and monitoring method is very simple. You need not be tech savvy to understand and use the software.
  • The dashboard of the software can be accessed from any browser and any device quickly and easily.
  • The software offers multi-language support. It is the only tracking and monitoring software that displays results in the language you prefer.
  • The software comes with 24/7 support. You will get instant response to any queries you have regarding the use of the software and its features.

Method to use mSpy to track, monitor and hack Viber messages

The best feature of mSpy is its easy to use tracking and monitoring system. You can use it easily and effortlessly. Here is an easy and quick step by step instruction on using the Viber hacker tool, which will reveal how simple the process is.


The first step is to purchase the mSpy software. The software has different subscription packages from which you can choose a package that meets your specific needs. The software provides options on the basis of the tracking that needs to be done.

An order form will be provided, which you should fill in based on your specific tracking requirements. Once you have filled in the form, complete the required payment. Once the payment is successful, you will receive instructions for the installation of the software in your email.


With the help of instructions, download mSpy software. Install the software on the smartphone which you want to monitor and track. The whole process is simple and easy to complete. For iPhone users, the device should be jailbroken before you can use the software in the device. So, before you install it on your iPhone, ensure it is jailbroken. This will ensure you have effective tracking results from the reliable tracking software.

Step #3

After you have successfully installed mSpy tracking software on your smartphone, the remaining process is a breeze. mSpy will start tracking the mobile device you have specified automatically. To hack Viber messages, you have to just log into the dashboard of mSpy software. This can be done by accessing any browser you are using on your device. Click on, ‘Viber’ feature in the dashboard. You can see the entire Viber messages received by the account or sent from it.

As you can see, the process of tracking and monitoring with the hacking feature in mSpy Viber hacker is totally a breeze. You can now stop wondering and worrying about what your children or spouse, are up to. The tracking software is also very useful when you want to know what your employees are doing in their office time. The most important part of using the tracking tool is that it operates smartly without the person who is tracked being aware of the monitoring. With its excellent and efficient features, mSpy is certainly the best tracking tool to have, if you want to hack Viber account of your spouse, children or employees.