What Does OFC Mean? – OFC Meaning & Its Uses

So you just received a text and understood everything in it, but wait, what does OFC mean? Now you are here on the internet, searching about OFC meaning.

Technology is getting fast, and so are the communicational expressions. The more frequent words used in daily conversations have shrunk to the extent of almost becoming like abbreviations.

OFC is one such word or slang that has been making a frequent appearance in daily conversations, be them formal or informal.

So, what is this OFC? We aim to answer this question in our article. We will try including all the relevant information related to enabling you to make the best and right use of this word.

What Does OFC Imply?

Let’s come straight down to explaining as to what does OFC mean. If someone is using OFC in the reply that they gave to you via text, it has a positive connotation as they agree to whatever you said to them in your text. They have expressed that agreement by using the internet slang OFC, which means ‘Of Course.’


The expression, Of Course, is very common in our day to day conversations upon any medium. We use it while talking to anyone over a phone call, texting, or even face-to-face. Such short words are used a lot by so many people these days to appear cool or get done with the task quickly. The only drawback of using such slangs is that sometime the receivers might think that the sender is not properly interested in the conversation.

You can write the term OFC in place of ‘Of course‘ while chatting over texts that imply that you agree to what has been asked or told. When the conversation is taking place between two people in person, the use of OFC means that the listener understood the statement made by the speaker and is positively up for it.

The efficiency of this acronym OFC is seen in the communications that happen over the web-based mediums or text messages. The use of OFC is very handy as it saves efforts and time, and you don’t have to type the entire messages without messing up the meaning of it.

It can be said that OFC meaning carries a slightly politer note with it than the word obviously. Obviously makes the sentence more assertive and a little bit harsh. OFC gives the message that the information which was being conveyed has been understood, agreed upon, or perceived easily.

What Are the Uses of OFC?

Now that we have made the OFC meaning clear to you. Let’s see the way it is used.

The word OFC can be used at any place in a sentence, be it the beginning, the last part, or even in the middle of it. It is not like the word can only make sense when used in a sentence. The word can also be used as a standalone response to any question that requires a yes or a no. Generally, it denotes the expression of agreeing with what the other person saying.

The interesting part is that the term can also be used in a tone that is sarcastic or more literal. Upon being used with a literal connotation, it helps the speaker to give a confirmation about any opinion or fact to make it more clear and assertive to the listener. When the term is used in the sarcastic sense, it is used to make the not-so-obvious meaning of anything that is being conveyed more obvious. This type of usage helps to add a sense of nice humor and fun to the entire conversation.

Some Eexamples of Casual Uses of OFC

● Making Things Obvious

  • A: Planning to go to the zoo tomorrow?
  • B: OFC.

Here, the answer made the statement and the feelings behind it very obvious. This wouldn’t have been the same with just simple yes or a no.

● Elaborating the Expressions

  • A: Do you even care about what happened at home last night?
  • B: OFC, it’s my home, and I do care.

The answer to person B shows how the use of OFC in the statement made the underlying emotions and meaning more elaborate and assertive.

● For Adding Sarcasm

  • A: So how was the party at your place last night?
  • B: It was all great until Sam showed up- OFC, we didn’t want him there because he is such a geek.

This shows how the use of OFC added the fun touch to the statement.

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Is It Good to Use OFC Informal Texting?

OFC not! It is slang used in casual texts. It is inadvisable to use slangs while talking to anybody in a higher position than you or who is connected to you through any formal medium. OFC can be anyone from your work or office. It looks very informal when used in conversation with anyone in authority. You should prefer talking to them only in the formal model.
You should totally avoid using any abbreviations or slangs while texting with formal authority.

When Can You Use OFC Rightly?

There is no particular occasion to point at; however, you can keep the usage of OFC reserved for times like chatting with friends or with anyone you are not formally connected. There can be cases like you send a message to your parents, including the term OFC in it.

Now, you might end up sending another explanatory message to them telling as to what you said in the previous message as they didn’t understand it clearly. So in some cases, this may also lead to misunderstandings between the talking parties.

A group of friends shares the best common understanding of things, and using slang with them is easier as there are fewer chances of miscomprehension. Not just OFC, but this is applicable for using all the other slangs. You don’t need to think about the appropriateness or formalities of words with them.

What is the Way to Use OFC in Texting?

The difference becomes very obvious when you use OFC in the sentence, which is the short form. As we have seen the huge dependence of people over text conversations, it has become a trend among them to write words in short and thereby come up with so many abbreviations for different words. For example, Laugh out loud becomes LOL, Right now becomes an RN, and the list is very long here.

The use of this slang in texting is very easy. You wouldn’t need to think much before using it in any sentence. Just in case anyone asks a question to know if you are up for any plan, then you can type OFC and send it to him/her rather than giving the answer as yes or no. This makes the message more affirmative and shows your interest better that the plan is important to you, and you cannot miss it at any cost.

Let’s take another example; A asked B if it possible that the assignment could be sent at a later date. B replied OFC not. This addition of not with OFC changed the meaning of the sentence completely. It asserted the negative response more than the terms like obviously not or obviously no.

What Can Be the Alternatives to OFC?

The word, Of Course, is considered as a synonym to the term obviously. Therefore, it is possible that you can use the words in place of each other depending upon the circumstances. The two acronyms of the word obviously can be OBVI and OBV.

The words OBVI and OBV tend to add a better casual tone to the sentence than OFC does. However, you should be careful with using it, as some receivers might perceive the sentence to be a bit condescending. For instance, you can consider saying, “OBV, I will be coming to the office,” rather than saying, “OFC, I will be coming to the office.”

Although to retain a formal or polite tone in your language and communication skills, you can continue using OFC. Other than that, the alternative words OBVI and OBV can be good options to consider.

Final Words

We hope that we told you all about what does OFC mean and how the OFC meaning can modify the meaning of your statement, either for good or bad. Now it’s up to you as to how wisely you use it to convey the messages better. Go creative!


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