WhatsApp Backup Not Working? – Top Ways to Fix It

Having a backup of your WhatsApp data is a priceless thing. If you lose an important file from your WhatsApp data on your mobile device, backups come into play. Your WhatsApp backup can help you retrieve lost WhatsApp files. More importantly, WhatsApp backups can be immensely useful when you need to transfer data between devices. But what if your WhatsApp backup not working? Should you be frustrated? Should you be worried? Probably not! Here, we will explain a few solutions to overcome the WhatsApp Backup Not Working issue.

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Solution 1: Use iTransor when WhatsApp backup not working

This could be the most effective solution when WhatsApp backup not working on your device. Compared to the regular backup process, you were using this method can deliver various conveniences to the user.

In this case, the best alternative to back up your WhatsApp data is to use iTransor for WhatsApp. This is a reliable and efficient third-party app that allows WhatsApp users to backup all the important WhatsApp data. It works with Android and iPhones perfectly. Although it is a third-party app, it doesn’t compromise the safety of your data. One of the best things about iTransor is that it allows you to create backups with a single click.

Why is iTransor better than the official backup options?

Here are some reasons why iTransor is considered to be a better option compared to official backups.

  • You can keep the created backups without deleting them as long as you need them.
  • Previous backups of WhatsApp will not be overwritten, and the new backups will be kept as separate files.
  • Don’t worry about storage limits, and there is no requirement to purchase additional storage.
  • You can restore WhatsApp backups back to your Android or iOS devices without any hassle.
  • This tool allows you to transfer data between two different devices and perform WhatsApp export more than 40000 messages.

Get iTransor for WhatsApp

Now, let’s take a look at the steps to be taken in order to create a WhatsApp backup.

In this case, we will be explaining how to create a full backup.

Please note that iTransor allows you to create selective backups as well.

  • First, you should download and install iTransor software on your computer. Then, install it and launch it to begin the process. Once the program is launched, you should click on the option labeled ‘Back-Up WhatsApp on Devices‘ option. Then, connect the device to the same computer using a USB cable. In this case, you will have to unlock the device, so iTransor will be able to detect the device.
iTransor for WhatsApp
  • Now, please click on the option labeled ‘Back Up.’ You will see that the backup process starts immediately. At the completion of the process, you will be able to see the backup on the computer.
iTransor for WhatsApp

Try iTransor for WhatsApp

Solution 2: Use regular methods when WhatsApp backup not working

If you don’t want to rely on a third-party tool, there are some fixes to try. However, these methods may be somewhat difficult compared to the previous option. You can try these methods one by one and see if they work for you.

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01. Update your iOS system and WhatsApp app

Sometimes, WhatsApp backup may not work due to an outdated iOS or outdated WhatsApp app. So, to fix that, it goes without saying that you should update them if updates are available. As we have noticed, outdated apps and iOS can cause various types of issues to prevent smooth operation. Once the apps and iOS are updated to the latest version, you can expect a smooth performance. So, it is always a better option to keep the apps updated.

Mentioned below are the steps to follow and get WhatsApp updated.

  • Go to App Store.
  • Select the option called ‘Updates.’
  • If an update is available for WhatsApp, tap on ‘Update‘ so it will be updated.

Here are the steps to follow so you can get your device’s iOS updated.

  • Go to ‘Settings‘ and choose the option labeled ‘General.’
  • Then, go to ‘Software Update.’
  • If you can see an update, just tap on the option labeled ‘Download and Install.’
  • This will update your iOS.
Update your iOS system and WhatsApp app

02. Log out of iCloud and log in once again to fix WhatsApp Backup Not Working

For some people, login out of the iCloud and login in once again will solve the issue. This is particularly applicable if the problem is related to iCloud but not to WhatsApp or your iPhone. Please follow below guide to perform this simple trick.

  • Open the ‘Settings‘ app and then tap on the Google ID. Then, you should tap on the option called ‘iCloud.’
  • Now, you should scroll down to the bottom and tap on the option labeled ‘Sign Out.’
  • Leave it for a couple of minutes. Then, sign in to your iCloud account once again. After signing in, you can check if WhatsApp backup not working yet. If the problem was related to iCloud, it should be resolved by now, and you can use your backups.
Log out of iCloud and log in once again to fix WhatsApp Backup Not Working

03. Log out of WhatsApp and log in once again

Another simple way to resolve this issue is to log out of the WhatsApp account and log in back. For many individuals, this method has worked, especially if the WhatsApp account has some syncing issues. After logging off and logging in once again, you will be able to start the synchronization process once again. Then, you can check if the backup works with WhatsApp. To perform this step, you should simply sign out of WhatsApp and wait for about 5-10 seconds. Then, sign in to your account and see if the backup option works.

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04. Check if the network connection works to fix WhatsApp Backup Not Working

WhatsApp may fail to work as expected because of a poor internet connection or no connection at all. As you already know, WhatsApp requires an internet connection to function. So, it is mandatory to check if you have internet or not. Mentioned below are the steps you should take in order to do this.

  • If you are using WLAN, switch to mobile internet, and retry the backup process. Or, if you are using mobile internet, just switch to WLAN and see if it can work.
  • Turn on Airplane mode on your device for a couple of minutes and wait. Then, turn it off and let the device connect to the network. Check if your WhatsApp backup works now.
  • If WhatsApp doesn’t work yet, you should try resetting the network settings and see if it works. To do it, you should go to ‘Settings‘ and choose ‘General.’ Then, select ‘Reset‘ and tap on ‘Reset Network Settings.’
Check network connection works to fix WhatsApp Backup Not Working

05. Check the storage of your device

If you are still unable to overcome the WhatsApp backup issue, you must see if you have enough storage. If there is not enough storage, WhatsApp will not be able to create a backup. In addition to WhatsApp backup, a lack of storage can cause various other troubles on your device. With that said, here’s what we should do in order to check the storage.

  • Go to the ‘Settings‘ option on your iPhone.
  • Then, tap on the option called ‘General‘ and then locate ‘iPhone Storage‘ by scrolling down.
  • Now, you will see the storage details of the device in the next window. Deleting some of the data you don’t need is the way to gain some more free space. If space is full on your iPhone, you should consider deleting heavy media files in particular. After regaining some considerable amount of space, you should go back and see if WhatsApp backup works.
Check storage of device to fix WhatsApp Backup Not Working

The Bottom Line

Well, the options mentioned above can resolve the issues related to WhatsApp backup and make it working again. We strongly recommend that it is better to try these solutions one by one without getting frustrated. However, as per the experience we had, we recommend using iTransor for WhatsApp to create unlimited backups. The best thing about a third-party software like iTransor is that it allows you to cerate WhatsApp backups selectively. That means you don’t have to back up all the files, but you can backup the files you need. For instance, if you need to back up some of the media files, you can do it with iTransor.

We strongly recommend you to create backups at regular intervals to prevent potential data losses. As long as you create backups as a habit, you don’t worry about the data of your WhatsApp account. More importantly, creating backups is compulsory when it comes to all the files on your iPhone. If something happens to your iPhone, your backups are there so you can retrieve them whenever you need them.

So, those are the solutions to try if WhatsApp backup not working on your iPhone. If you have any other solutions related to this matter, we are happy to read them. Please share your thoughts with us. The comments section is open for you to share your valuable suggestions. Our comments can help other readers, as well.