Cool WhatsApp Tricks & WhatsApp Hacking Trick You Should Try

If you are a seasoned WhatsApp user and you want to try some cool WhatsApp tricks, read this on.

We have composed this article by including an awesome WhatsApp hacking trick to impress our readers. So, learn them and have some fun.

List of WhatsApp Tricks That Are Really Cool

In here, we are going to emphasize a wide range of WhatsApp hacking trick for your reference. Just go through this list and try them. Please note that most of these methods require a modded version of WhatsApp. For instance, you will have to install GBWhatsApp to get these customizations done.

WhatsApp Hacking Trick #1. Customize WhatsApp Interface (in GBWhatsApp)

Many individuals are bored with WhatsApp’s interface color. From the beginning, WhatsApp featured the same color, which is green. However, if required, you can change it like FB Messenger. Mentioned below are the steps to do so. Also, click here to know more about Fouad WhatsApp Free Download.

1) Go to ‘3-Dot’ menu located in the top right-hand corner and go to Settings.

2) Go to GBSettings and select ‘Themes.’

3) Find the theme and apply it.

WhatsApp Hacking Trick #2. Dual WhatsApp Feature

If you need to use two WhatsApp versions on the same device simultaneously, this is what you should do.

1) Install Parallel Space on your device through Play Store. After installing this app, you can use two accounts of other apps like WeChat, Messenger, etc. simultaneously

2) To start using two WhatsApp versions on the same device, open Parallel Space. Then, click on Clone Button.

3) Choose WhatsApp now. Then, choose the option ‘Add to parallel space now.’

4) Now, you will see a WhatsApp icon so you can use two accounts.

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WhatsApp Tricks #3. Restoring of Deleted Media Files

If you have deleted media files without creating a backup, here’s how to recover them.

1) Go to WhatsApp and select Media option.

2) Select WhatsApp Images and select ‘Sent.’

Please note that this method can recover only the messages sent by yourself.

WhatsApp Hacking Trick #4. How to Send an Animated Emoji

You can send only one animated emoji on WhatsApp (which appears like a flash). It works only when you send a heart icon.

WhatsApp Tricks #5. Managing Privacy Settings

In general, WhatsApp takes good care of your Privacy. Now they have the encryption as well. To control the basic privacy settings of your WhatsApp account, you should go to Settings and select Account. Then, head to the option ‘Privacy‘.

Listed below are the privacy settings of your WhatsApp profile.

Read Recipient

This means a blue tick that indicates you have read the message that is received. You can simply untick the option called ‘Read Receipts.’

Hide Last Seen

You can adjust the last seen settings so the other users will not know by when you were online.

Visibility of the Profile Photo

You can change the visibility of your profile photo if you prefer more privacy. To do this, you can change it to ‘Only me.’

WhatsApp Hacking Trick #6. Using a Modded Version of WhatsApp

If you like to experience a plethora of features on your WhatsApp account, use a modded WhatsApp version. With such WhatsApp version, you are likely to experience a large range of features. These features are not found in WhatsApp original version. As of today, there are several modded versions to WhatsApp. For instance, you can consider GBWhatsApp as well as YoWhatsApp. Using a modded WhatsApp version allows you to access pretty much all the features. It allows you to change privacy settings and many others. If you have installed YoWhatsApp, you can go to Menu and select YoMods. Then, go to Privacy and tick the option ‘Show Blue Tick after reply‘.

07. Anti-Delete the Messages

There is an anti-delete option as well. Now, WhatsApp has added a feature so the receiver can delete the message after receiving it. However, if you activate the anti-delete message option, your messages will not be deleted.

08. DP Without Cropping

To get your DP into WhatsApp account without cropping, you should get the help of the app called WhatsAppCrop. There can be other apps that are similar to this, but we found this one to be really effective.

09. Deleting a Message Which Has Been Sent

Once the message is sent, you should select the message. Then, you should tap on the option labeled with a ‘Delete‘ icon. Then, select the option ‘Delete for everyone‘.

10. Find the Data Usage by Person

Although this might be somewhat confusing, it can be a handy feature for you. As per this feature, you will be able to sort the contacts and groups depending on the internet usage.

Mentioned Below Are the Steps

1) Go to WhatsApp and select Settings

2) Then, go to Data and select Storage Usage

Now, you will find the groups and contacts that are sorted down according to internet usage.

11. Tracking Someone Else’s Messages

To track someone’s messages remotely, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

1) Open the WhatsApp platform of the target user

2) Open the chat which should be read by you

3) Then, click on the Menu and select more

4) Go to Email chat

5) Select email and send it to your email address

12. Message a Person by the Name

In a group, there can be up to 256 individuals. Because of that, it can be difficult for a person to chat with a specific person. However, to address this, you can simply address him or her by their name in the chat. To do, it, you should start typing the respective person’s name with an @ sign. This is pretty similar to the process we follow on Facebook.

WhatsApp Hacking Trick #13. Saving status

To save someone’s status, you should have a special app called ‘Status Downloader‘ for WhatsApp. This app is available in Google Play Store.

14. Star the Important Messages

If you have important messages and you need to read them later on as well, ‘Star‘ them. In fact, this is a much better option compared to taking screenshots of the messages. To mark a message as an important one, you should select the respective message first and click on Start.

15. Reply to Your Friends Automatically

In order to make use of this feature, you should root your Android device. If you are not willing to take that risk, just ignore this option. To reply automatically to groups and contacts, use an Auto-Responder app. You can download these apps from the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp Tricks #16. Use a Popup Header

In order to get this done, you should do some tweaks in the settings of the Android device. To begin the process, go to WhatsApp Settings and select notifications. Then, change the popup notification to display only when the screen is on.

17. Moving WhatsApp to SD Card

For some devices, you will need to root this function to perform. Moving an app to your SD card will free more memory from the phone and make it perform faster. Mentioned below are the steps you should follow to move WhatsApp to SD card.

1) First, root the device.

2) Install the system app remover through the Google Play Store.

3) Now, open it and select ‘Move to SD Card.’ Then, select the app (WhatsApp) and move it.

4) With this app, you will be able to delete the system apps for other tweaks.

WhatsApp Hacking Trick #18. To Send a Fake Location

If you want to send a fake location through WhatsApp for some reason, get a VPN installed. Then, you can send any location to the other parties. You can change the country of your IP, so the other parties will think that you are currently there. There are plenty of VPNs to download in Play Store.

In certain cases, we need some added privacy, particularly without photos and videos. We tend to share various photos through WhatsApp, and some of them should be highly private. So, it is better if we can hide the content from our gallery. To hide the content from the gallery, follow the steps mentioned below. The easiest method to use in this case is using a private photo vault app.

20. Reading the Messages at Once

Sometimes, you will get plenty of messages at once, and you need to read them at once. To get this done, you can use the mark as a reading option. To do this, select the chats and open ‘Menu.’ Then, go to more and select ‘Mark as read’ option.

21. Use One-Click Uninstallation and Reinstallation

Do you need to get rid of your old WhatsApp version and get a fresh copy installed? If so, doing it manually would be the usual option you would go for. However, if you don’t have enough data to redownload WhatsApp, follow the steps below.

1) Go to System Settings and select ‘Apps’.

2) Then, go to ‘WhatsApp’ and tap on ‘Clear Data’.

22. Unlock Passwords and Patterns

If you want to access an account which is protected with a password or a lock, follow these steps. People usually use app lockers to lock the apps. All you need is to clear the data of the respective app locker.

To Clear App Data of the App Locker,

1) Go to Settings and select Apps.

2) Then, choose the app locker and select ‘Clear Data’.

WhatsApp Hacking Trick #23. Change Icon and Name

You can easily use an icon changer app to change the icon. Not just WhatsApp, but you can change any app name an icon. You can even design your own icon and set it. In addition to that, if you use an app like nova launcher, you can change the app name as well.

24. Use All the Chat Apps in One App

You can integrate all the chat apps together and use them conveniently if necessary. To do this, you should download a third-party app called All in one messenger. If you perform a search, you will be able to see more apps like this.

25. Clear WhatsApp Messages at Once

If your WhatsApp account is filled with messages and you find it lagging, you should clear the messages. To clear all the messages at once, you can use the following method.

1) WhatsApp settings and select Chats.

2) Them, go to Chat History and delete all messages at once.


Well, those are the 25 WhatsApp tricks we wanted to explain. As you might see, some of the WhatsApp hacking trick might require rooting your device. So, it is up to you to decide whether rooting is worth it or not. Also, installing third-party apps should be done with great awareness. If you download apps from unreliable sources, there can be malware attacks and annoying ads. Also, please use these WhatsApp tricks responsibly without disturbing anyone’s Privacy in a bad way.

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