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If you have suspicions that your wife is cheating on you with some other guy then, it is better to sure about it rather than putting fake allegations on your beloved. It is quite immoral to track someone else’s devices, but there is no other way to clear your doubts. You have to spy on cheating wife through some monitoring applications available on the internet.

It is best to go with best wife spy applications to be sure about whether your wife is cheating or not. Here, you will get to know about the best wife spy application. Let’s move on to it!

Part 1: How to spy on cheating wife remotely

If you want to keep a check on your wife’s activities on her phone then, KidsGuard Pro is the right option for you. This Instagram Spy tool comes with a control panel, where you can track down each activity of your wife’s smartphone. It even tracks various social media applications that your wife must use to call and chat with the other person for free. KidsGuard tracks messages, contacts, call logs, pictures, WhatsApp messages, and other applications. It works on both Android and iOS devices.

Unique characteristics of this wife spy app:

Steps for using this wife spy application:

There are some simple instructions that you need to follow to spy on cheating wife of yours. Look for the steps below!

Step 1: Register on KidsGuard

Initially, you have to register on KidsGuard by accessing its official website. You have to enter details like email ID and a new password. After that, you have to enter details of the target device’s owner like age, name, and the device’s operating system.

Sign up KidsGuard Account

Register on KidsGuard

Step 2: Spy on cheating wife’s phone

The setup process of KidsGuard is quite different for iOS and Android phone.

Setup process to use this wife spy on Android:

If you want to spy on cheating wife’s Android phone, then install this wife spy app on her Android device. Now, follow the setup process:

  • Download KidsGuard app on the monitored device
  • Open it and allow administrative privileges to KidsGuard
  • Start tracking activities of your spouse’s Android phone
Setup process to use this wife spy on iPhone:

If you want to spy on cheating wife’s iPhone or iPad, then install this wife spy app on her iOS device. Now, follow the setup process:

  • Visit KidsGuard site from any web browser and follow buttons such as “Sign up” or “Try it now”
  • Create an account using a valid email ID and password
  • Follow up by other details about the target device like age, name, and iOS
  • Lastly, enter your wife’s iCloud ID and respective password. Tap on “Verify”
  • Start tracking each activity of your spouse’s iPhone

Step 3: Start monitoring

Now, you have to log in to your KidsGuard account. Visit its control panel and look for various options on the left panel. You can choose any option from the available ones like messages, contacts, calls, location, social media applications, etc. As soon as, you click on your desired option, all details regarding the same will be there on your displayed screen. It is easier to spy on cheating wife with this amazing wife spy app KidsGuard.

Try KidsGuard View Demo

Part 2: Five signs your marriage is in trouble

Look for these signs that make sure you are not sharing a healthy relationship with your loving wife!

1. No dependency

In earlier times, your wife used to solve almost all her problems with your aid. Sometimes, it might have irritated you, but your wife’s trust in you made her do that. In case, you do not share a good relationship with your loving wife then; there are chances she would take her major decisions all by herself. It is a sign that she is no longer dependent on you as she used to have. There can be two reasons behind it either she does not like to disturb you all the time or someone else is there to solve her issues.

2. Unnecessary Arguments

Life after marriage totally changes for the couple. Concerning duties and habits, they need to understand one another and make adjustments accordingly. Undoubtedly, fights usually happen when there is immense love. It is totally normal unless you start fighting with one another for no reason. These unnecessary arguments become a big issue in no time. It is the major sign that your marriage is in trouble when you no longer understand each other.

3. Hiding Things

In the beginning, couples like to share each and everything in their life. If you think, she has started to hide important things and even get frequent unknown calls; then it is an indication that things are not going really well. In this case, you should spy on the cheating wife to find out the truth. There can be some other guy to share her thought with, or you are not the special one for her anymore.

4. No Quality Time

Earlier, your wife used to eagerly wait for you to come back home from the office and look for different ways to console your work stress. She used to spend most of her time with you. You liked to spend quality time with one another but sadly, not anymore. It is another major sign that you two do not share a healthy relationship. Due to frequent fights, your marriage could come to an end.

5. Indulgence

In case, you both used to spend quality time drinking and smoking until recently then, there are chances your wife has found somebody else. If you are noticing changes like your wife getting indulge in drinking, smoking, or highly active on social media sites, then there is something wrong. Your wife might be in some trouble or has found someone who has taught her these habits.

Also, here are more free Android spy apps cheating spouse for your information.

Part 3: Five tips to save your marriage

On finding out that your marriage is in trouble, you should look for ways to save your marriage as well as to improve your relationship with your beloved in the best possible way. You need to share your thoughts with her before making a final judgment. Look for tips that can save your marriage!

1. Know Reasons

The first thing you need to do is to find out the reasons why your wife started behaving strangely for no reason. She might be hurt or broken, and you need to find out why. Sometimes, you just blame her for every small thing. Fighting and blaming are the correct measures to solve any problem. Try to configure things calmly!

2. Be Honest

With the help of a thousand reasons, you could find out that your marriage is not running smoothly. However, there are a thousand solutions to fix those issues. You need to share everything with your beloved wife in order to know her side. Try to resolve every problem before it turns out to be a big massive one!

3. Listen to Her

It is the most important thing, and that is, you should listen to her. Women do not always convey what they actually want to say. You should try to listen to her so that she can say anything openheartedly. Always try to support her as after all, she is your wife!

4. Give Time

It is not possible to extract time out of busy schedules when both partners are working. It becomes really hard to spend some quality time together. No matter what, it is really important to give time to one another or else, you know the consequences.

5. Plan Outings

It is better to work on your relationship rather than regretting later on. In order to spend time together, you can plan dinner dates, short trips, or movie plans with your wife. It is important to manage time effectively and share precious moments when there is time for that. It is the best way to save your marriage against small problems.

Before that, you need to be sure whether your wife is cheating or not. KidsGuard Pro is the best way to know about this. This wife spy application keeps track of your wife’s smartphone activities. Spy on cheating wife with KidsGuard NOW!

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