Windows 10 PIN Not Working? Don’t Worry; It Is Fixable!

Windows 10 PIN not working means you are locked out of your Windows PC. In that case, you will have to find a way to fix the PIN issue. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the data on your computer or any feature on it. Those who wonder how to address this issue can read this guide and learn what to do.

In fact, there is no shortage of individuals who experience this issue. So, you are not alone in this case. Plenty of users say that it is so frustrating to see when their Windows 10 PIN Not Working. But the good news is that this issue can be fixed, and regain access to your data.

Part 1: Possible reasons behind “Windows 10 PIN not working” issue

Before we look at the methods to address this issue, let’s learn the possible reasons behind it. Such knowledge becomes handy to address the issue without much hassle. In fact, there can be several different reasons for this issue. This issue takes place specifically after a Windows update. So, the actual error can trigger due to the following reasons.

  • Your system’s NGC folder comprises corrupted files.
  • The most recent Windows update you installed comes with a bug that directly relates to the PIN option.

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Part 2: Methods to fix Windows 10 PIN not working issue

As we mentioned before, “Windows 10 PIN not working” can occur due to a couple of software-related errors. To address this issue, we use several different methods. We have tried all these solutions on Windows 10 systems, and we found them to be useful. However, the method of deployment, overall effectiveness, and success rate of each solution differs. With that said, let’s learn how to fix “Windows 10 PIN not working” using those methods.

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Method 01: Use Safe Mode to sign in

One of the simplest & most basic methods to try as a solution is signing in with Safe Mode. To do it properly, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, you should open your PC and go to the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on the power button located there to proceed.
  • Once you have done that, you should press and hold the “Shift” key and choose “Restart.”
  • Now, you should keep pressing the Shift key to see the menu labeled “Advanced Recovery Options.”
Use Safe Mode to sign in
  • When you see the options, click on the one labeled “Troubleshoot.” Then, you should select the option called “Advanced Options.”
  • Now, locate the option called “Startup Settings” and click on the option called “Restart” as well.
  • You will be able to see an option called “Enable Safe Mode,” which is located under option 4. Just hit the F4 key so you can start Windows 10 computer with Safe Mode.

Method 02: Find Account Control Lists NGC Folder and resets it

If Windows 10 PIN not working, that could be due to some error related to corrupted NGC files too. In that case, you should delete those corrupted files and check the issue is gone. You can follow the instructions that are mentioned below.

  • Open your Windows 10 PC and click on its “Windows” key.
  • Now, on its search box, you should enter the text “Command Prompt.”
  • When you see the icon called “Command Prompt,” just right click on it. You will see a list of options
  • now. Click on the option labeled “Run as Administrator” option.
Find Account Control Lists NGC Folder and resets it to fix Windows 10 PIN not working
  • You will be able to see the Command Prompt now. On that window, you should enter the command below.

C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Ngc/T /Q /C /RESET

  • Please type it correctly & hit the “Enter” key on the keyboard.
Find Account Control Lists NGC Folder and resets it

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Method 03: Delete the content on the NGC Folder

In addition to the above method, you can even consider deleting the NGC folder contents. For many users, this method can fix the “Windows 10 PIN not working” issue. Please just follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  • First, you should start the process simply by pressing the Windows key and “E” on your keyboard simultaneously.
  • From there, you should launch the main menu simply by clicking on “View.” Then, you should tick the option called “Hidden Items” as well. It is located on the right side. This action will display all the App data folders that are already hidden by default.
Delete the content on the NGC Folder
  • Now, you should search for the folder using the path mentioned below. The name of the folder we search for is Ngc.


  • Now, on the NGC folder, you should press both “CTRL” and “A” keys together. This is the keyboard shortcut you can use to choose all the files and subfolders in a particular folder. After that, please click the “Delete.” You can follow the additional onscreen instructions as well to complete the process.
Delete the content on the NGC Folder
  • Now that you have done that, you should navigate to the option called “Settings.” Then, choose “Accounts” and click on “Sign-in options.” Then, choose “Add PIN” to proceed. You can then add a new PIN to log into your Windows 10 PC.

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Method 04: Fix “Windows 10 PIN not working” with a Local Account

You’ll be able to fix the “Windows 10 PIN not working” error simply by using a local account too. Please just follow the below simple guide to get it done correctly.

  • First, please go to the “Settings” option on your Windows system and choose the menu labeled “Accounts.”
  • Go to the option called “Your Info.” You will be able to see an option called “Sign in with a local account instead.” Please note that this option is available only if other accounts are created already.
Fix "Windows 10 PIN not working" with a Local Account
  • Now, to switch to the respective account, you should provide a name for the new account. Then, click on “Next.”
  • Once you have done that, you can click on the option called “Sign out and finish.” This is necessary to complete the process successfully.
Fix "Windows 10 PIN not working" with a Local Account

Well, for some users, the above methods might work. If you are lucky, you would have resolved the issue by now and using your Windows PC. However, what if none of the above methods have worked for you? Should you give up on it? Not at all. All you need is to use a professional tool. You can read the following section of our article and learn how to do it.

Method 05: Use Passper WinSenior and remove PIN Password with one click

If none of the above methods have worked for you, things can appear to be frustrating. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on it. Instead, you can seek the assistance of a professional tool. The best option you can consider is Passper WinSenior. Well, WinSenior is considered to be one of the best professional password recovery tools you can rely on. If Windows 10 PIN not working, you can use WinSenior and overcome the situation without causing any trouble. In addition to removing Windows PINs, the same tool can be used to accomplish some other tasks as well. Please find below the most notable features of this tool.

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  • Passper WinSenior offers a 100% success rate to remove Windows password without using a disk.
  • This powerful tool can remove PIN login as well as the admin password without formatting the OS.
  • WinSenior allows you even to create a password reset disk-based either on a USB drive or a DVD. More importantly, Passper WinSenior allows you to create the disk using a single-click operation.

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Now that you have a good understanding of the capacity of WinSenior. Let’s learn how to use it. We explain the process in a step-by-step mode so you can follow the instructions even if you’re a novice. Before proceeding to the steps, please download Passper WinSenior on a PC and install it. Then, follow the steps that are mentioned below.

● Step 01

First, you should insert a blank DVD or a USB drive to a computer that is accessible. After that, choose the drive and click on the option called “Create.” This is required to create the bootable drive. After completing the process, you should eject the drive from your PC.

Passper WinSenior

● Step 02

Once you have done that, you should take the bootable drive and plug/insert it into the faulty computer. That means the computer that doesn’t work because of the PIN issue. Now, you will see a configuration screen, and you should simply follow the wizard.

Passper WinSenior

● Step 03

After entered the boot menu, you should see the main interface of the tool. Then, click on the option called “Remove Windows Password.” Then, choose the respective user account and proceed to the next step by clicking on “Next.” As a result, you will see that the program removes the faulty or the locked Windows 10 account. After it is completed, please remove the bootable drive and restart the PC. You can now see that your Windows PC works without any trouble.

Resolve Windows 10 PIN not working with Passper WinSenior

Well, with those 03 steps, you can overcome the “Windows 10 PIN not working” issue. Compared to the other methods we explained, using Passper WinSenior is a very convenient, powerful, and user-friendly option. Even if you are a complete novice to this subject, you can use WinSenior without any trouble. It is reliable, fast, and efficient.

The bottom-line

It goes without saying that the “Windows 10 PIN not working” issue is very annoying for any user. So, knowing how to overcome such an issue is very handy for any Windows 10 user. Although the issue sounds pretty frustrating, it can be solved with the assistance of Passper WinSenior quickly. This method is proven to be effective and highly successful. With that said, do you have any other issues related to Windows 10 OS? If so, please let us know, and our team will answer your questions at their earliest.

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