XNSPY Review & Best Alternative

Spying has become more than just something we see in movies, especially in recent years. With such a vast number of tools being made available to your everyday technology user, it’s getting increasingly difficult to figure out which spy tool is the best. Thus, we’ve written this XNSPY review to explain what one of the most popular spying tools has to offer.

Unknown to most, spying tools like XNSPY can be incredibly useful. It’s not just about spying – something that plenty of people still frown upon. Spying is a means of keeping your children safe, ensuring that your employees are spending time productively, and you could even use these tools to catch your potentially cheating spouse. So, let’s get into XNSPY review and analyze the ins and outs.

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Part 1. XNSPY Review – The Basics

You’ll likely have a few pressing questions about this spying solution. If so then hopefully, one of these pointers can help answer your questions.

What is XNSPY?

XNSPY is one of the most popular smartphone monitoring solutions. Parents and employers are the most popular users of this app, and it can track various data types. Given how much data this app can monitor, XNSPY is great for pretty much any situation. We’ll explore some of the key features later on in this XNSPY review.

Can I Trust XNSPY?

Yes! Thousands of people use XNSPY on a daily basis, and it is safe. More importantly, it is legal to use, and you won’t get into any trouble for using it.

In fact, you could even use XNSPY to catch other people breaking the law. Perhaps you have a suspicious employee. By using a spy solution to keep an eye on their activity, you might discover that they’ve been sending sensitive information outside of your company to benefit themselves (like selling that information to your competitors!).

Will XNSPY Be Detected?

With this stealthy spy solution, the risk of detection is the bare minimum. As long as you follow the proper instructions and cover your tracks, your target won’t know you monitor them. After installing XNSPY on their smartphone, it’ll be undetectable, and your spying efforts will pay off.

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Part 2. XNSPY Review – Key Features

Now that you’ve read the basics of this spying solution in our XNSPY review. Let’s consider what features it’ll give you access to. Keep in mind that there are regular updates to this app so more features will be available over time, and some of these may change.

XNSPY Review - Features

GPS Tracker

XNSPY comes with two very impressive GPS features. First off, GPS tracking alone is a crucial feature, especially if you’re a parent who wants to monitor their kids. This gives you the chance to see exactly where they are at all times but to prevent the device’s battery from draining quickly; it updates periodically.

The second GPS feature is Geofencing. With this, you’re able to receive alerts whenever your target goes outside of a specific area. For example, if you set the boundary as your town and they leave the town, you’ll be notified immediately.

Text Messages/Call Monitoring

Most importantly is the SMS and call tracking features. Everyone texts their friends, family, or perhaps their colleagues. So regardless of who it is you’re tracking and why you’re tracking them, this is a handy feature to have access to.

XNSPY stores information about incoming calls, outgoing calls, contact information, call logs, and text messages. All of these data stores in real-time so that you can actively monitor it. One particular call monitoring feature is the “Watchlist” tool. This useful feature will alert you if a certain contact tries to call the target.

Furthermore, XNSPY will send you alerts whenever the target creates a new contact. Children shouldn’t have many contacts, so this is great for keeping them safe. Calls will be recorded by XNSPY so that you can listen to them too (the limit for a recording is 30 minutes).

Social Media Monitoring

Businessmen won’t find this as useful, but parents have to monitor their kids’ social media activity. Too many incidents occur as a result of inappropriate social media behavior. Cyberbullying and predators are just two examples of why all parents should watch over their children on social media.

XNSPY provides all of the tools you need to monitor social media. It tracks chat messages sent to and received on, the target device.

Limit App Access

Smartphone apps are great, and some of them are fun. But they’re also very distracting – everyone will have a memory where apps made them procrastinate. Block employees from using their work phones to play games, prevent your children from playing games when they should be doing homework, and stop yourself from using any distracting apps that stunt your productivity.

XNSPY also includes some remote-control features. In particular, you can lock the target’s device or even wipe it. You can even take real-time screenshots!

Email Surveillance

As we previously said in this XNSPY review, message tracking is a key feature. So, as you might expect, you can monitor emails that your target sends and receives from their device.

XNSPY also gathers information about browsing history, favorites and bookmarks, network locations, and timestamps all of the data that it collects. Don’t worry though – even if your child deletes their browsing history, you can still see it.

Data Management

Access your target’s photos, videos, music, and calendar information with ease. If you’re a parent, then you can see if your children are saving inappropriate content on their phone. For employers, you’ll be able to see your workers’ calendar and check if they’re on track or falling behind with work.

Part 3. How XNSPY Monitoring Works

We won’t use this XNSPY review to detail the technical side of the solution. Fortunately, it’s a relatively simple program to understand.

Surprisingly, the most difficult part of using this spy solution is accessing your target’s device without detection. After you get the device and install XNSPY onto it, just sign in with your account, and it’ll start monitoring. That’s it – you won’t need to get your hands on the device ever again.

Simply log into the XNSPY dashboard, and you can utilise the various features. From seeing their current GPS location to looking at their browsing history, and even being able to block specific apps, XNSPY is undoubtedly one of the best spy solutions.

Setting Up XNSPY for the First Time

Is this your first time using XNSPY? Rather than struggle with the setup, here are three guides on what you need to do to begin. Before moving on, make sure that you create an account for XNSPY and pay for a subscription.

Install XNSPY for Android

Regardless of which Android device you have, you can follow these steps to guide your way through the installation. Please note that a few steps may vary depending on the device model, although they will be similar.

Step #1 – Using the link found in your XNSPY account details email, download the APK file.

Install XNSPY on Android Device

Step #2 – Go to “Settings > Security” and enable “Unknown sources”, then install the APK.

Step #3 – Launch the XNSPY app and allow the permissions that it asks for.

Step #4 – Next, input the activation code that you will have also seen in the email you were sent. Tap “Activate” to continue.

Step #5 – You can now enable some useful features, including “Hide application icon” for discrete spying.

XNSPY Review for Android

Step #6 – Return the target device and sign into the XNSPY dashboard to monitor it.
For XNSPY to work at it’s best and to gain full access to it, you must root the target device if it isn’t already.

Install XNSPY for iOS (Jailbroken)

If you’re using an iOS device which is jailbroken, these are the steps to follow.

Install XNSPY on Jailbroken iOS Device

Step #1 – Launch the “Cydia” app and tap the “Sources” tab.

Step #2 – Press “Edit > Add” and enter the URL which is found in your XNSPY confirmation email.

Step #3 – Cydia will verify the link and download the app onto your iOS device.

Step #4 – Tap on “Return to Cydia” and locate, then tap on, the “Monitoring App repo” option.

Step #5 – Open the “System” folder and follow the steps that appear to install XNSPY.

Step #6 – Once the app installs successfully, press on “Restart SpringBoard”. You can now open the XNSPY app and enter your account details and the activation code.

Sign into the dashboard and embrace the real-time monitoring tool.

Install XNSPY for iOS (Not Jailbroken)

The final installation guide in this XNSPY review is for iOS devices that aren’t jailbroken. Similar to Android, non-jailbroken iOS devices won’t have as much access to XNSPY as jailbroken devices do.

Step #1 – Start by signing into XNSPY using your account and click on the “iOS (No-Jailbreak)” option.

Install XNSPY on No Jailbreak iOS Device

Step #2 – Next, click “iCloud” and sign in using the same iCloud account which your target uses. If your target enables 2-Factor Authentication, then you’ll need to verify the login accordingly.

Step #3 – After verification, press “Finish” and you’re good to go.

XNSPY Review for iOS

Clearly, this is a lot easier than if the device is jailbroken. However, it does limit your access. Nonetheless, sign into the dashboard and get a better idea of how to use XNSPY.

Part 4. Alternative XNSPY Spy Solution

We all have different tastes, and as such, this XNSPY review might not have been convincing enough for you. And XNSPY is basically not maintained. mSpy is another Phone Call Tracker solution that you might want to check out. This is very similar to XNSPY and gives you access to notable features including:

  • Schedule restriction so that you can eliminate distractions for your children
  • mSpy can hack iPhone text messageshack Facebook password online, track all app activity including how long your target uses each app
  • Access all of the documents that your target stores on their smartphone
  • Live tracking of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many other social media platforms
  • GPS monitoring and Geofencing features
  • Includes a keylogger so that users can gather as much information on their target as possible
  • Capture live screenshots of the target device’s display without alerting the target
  • Easy to set up and use on both iOS and Android devices
XNSPY alternative - mSpy

Setting mSpy up couldn’t be easier either, and once you install it, you can discretely see everything that your target uses their smartphone for. So, if XNSPY isn’t what you’re looking for, go ahead and give mSpy a shot.

Goto mSpy

Conclusion for XNSPY Review

Spying on a smartphone is a lot easier than most people think. This XNSPY review goes to show that just a short amount of time, and a little patience, can kickstart your spying skills. We were focussing on XNSPY and what that solution has to offer, but mSpy is also a top competitor that we think is worth researching. Both of these spying tools are easy to use and overall fantastic, but they have different features and trying both out may be worth your time.

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