Top Best ZIP Password Recovery in 2021

The requirement of ZIP password recovery arises if you’ve forgotten the password of a protected ZIP file. In general, many individuals fail to remember the passwords of protected files. The passwords that aren’t used very often can be forgotten pretty easily, and that’s completely normal. As of today, users have plenty of passwords to manage, so there is a big chance to forget them. If you have faced such an issue, continue reading this guide and learn about ZIP password recovery.

List of ZIP password recovery tools

In this guide, we explain 08 methods to perform ZIP password recovery. If you perform a simple Google search with the term “ZIP password recovery,” you’ll see plenty of options. However, you cannot depend on all those tools. Some of those tools are fake, and they can even collect your personal information. Also, there can be other tools to steal your money and deliver nothing in return. So, choosing a ZIP password recovery tool should be done with a good understanding.

That is why you should do plenty of research before choosing a password recovery tool. For the convenience of our readers, we did extensive research on this subject to find the best tools. Listed below are those tools we found to be effective and safe to recover lost or forgotten passwords.

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We consider Passper for ZIP as the most recommended ZIP password cracker tool due to various reasons. In fact, Passper is the most efficient, successful, and powerful password recovery tool in the market. This special application can recover lost or forgotten passwords for ZIP files created through 7-Zip, PKZIP, WinZip, or WinRAR. In fact, this special tool is featuring the fastest checking speed. Passper for ZIP can check 10,000 passwords every minute without any trouble.

Reasons to consider Passper for ZIP as the best option

Now, in this section of the article, we will emphasize some of the good reasons to prefer Passper.

  • It features four different attack modes with an excellent success rate

Passper for ZIP features four different attack modes. These attack modes are capable of recovering passwords with different difficulties. Thanks to their smart algorithm, these four methods can reduce the time spent on the ZIP password recovery process. In fact, this is exactly why the success rate of Passper is very high. To be precise, the success rate of Passper is as high as 95%.

  • Ability to save the recovery progress

One of the most significant benefits associated with Passper is that it allows you to save the recovery progress. As per this feature, you can save the recovery progress at any time without any trouble. Then, you can even resume the recovery process at any given time.

  • It is user-friendly

Passper comes with excellent user-friendliness as well. Thanks to this simplified interface, you can use it even if you are an absolute novice. All you need is to deploy a couple of clicks and unlock the encrypted ZIP file.

  • Reliability

The other benefit associated with Passper is the reliability it performs. In fact, this app is introduced by iMyFone, and it is a widely recommended software vendor by professional clients.

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How to perform a ZIP password recovery using Passper for ZIP

Now that you know the capacity of the Passper for ZIP. Let’s learn how to use it.

  • As the first step, you should click on the “+” icon located on the main interface. This will allow you to import the password ZIP file into the program and start decrypting it.
Passper for ZIP
  • Now, you should see four attack modes to choose from. In this case, you should choose an option based on your situation. Once you have chosen it, you should click on “Recover” to proceed. The mode you choose may depend on the complexity of the password of the ZIP file.
Passper for ZIP
Passper for ZIP

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02. ZIP Password Refixer

This is another powerful and reliable unlocking tool. Friendly user interface is another similarity between Passper and ZIP Password Refixer. Thanks to the friendly GUI, this tool shows greater efficiency in recovering passwords from protected ZIP files. If you have ZIP Password Refixer, unlocking a protected ZIP file is a very simple approach. This tool is compatible with PKZIP, 7-Zip, and WinZip files. This software tool works with excellent speed and helps you recover the passwords at a significant speed.

ZIP Password Refixer

Benefits of ZIP Password Refixer

  • You can use this tool without any complexity.
  • You can customize the process in various ways so you can make the process easier.


  • Some users say that the tool crashed several times when they tried to unlock the ZIP file.

03. SmartKey ZIP password recovery

Are you looking for a very impressive recovery tool that can be used easily? If so, SmartKey ZIP password recovery can be considered as a superb alternative to get the job done. This tool is ranked in the top few options when you look for a ZIP password recovery tool. In addition to cracking the passwords, it can even crack any popular archiving tools, including PKZIP and WinZIP. This tool is integrated with three exceptionally efficient attack types. They are incredibly easier to use.

SmartKey ZIP password recovery

Benefits of SmartKey ZIP password recovery

  • This app works with all the Windows versions.
  • It can perform ZIP password recovery faster.


  • This is a pretty costly option for those who are looking for a password recovery tool.

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04. Atomic ZIP password recovery

If you have forgotten a password of a ZIP file, you surely will get frustrated. You will start to look for a variety of options in mind. However, the most important thing is that you should not panic. You can use a tool like Atomic ZIP password recovery regardless of how complex the password is. Well, experts say many things about this specific tool, and pretty much every individual appreciates it. The user interface, in particular, is ideal even for a novice user. Configuring the tool and using it is easier, even if you are a beginner. In addition to that, it gives you a demo version as well. Interestingly, their demo version can recover passwords as long as it is less than 05 characters. For many users, this can be very exciting news.

Atomic ZIP password recovery

Benefits of Atomic ZIP password recovery

  • It works impressively on AES encrypted files.
  • You can use it to crack a variety of ZIP file versions with ease.
  • Highly user-friendly interface that can be used even by a beginner.


  • One of the major downsides associated with this tool is that its slow speed. In fact, this can be called as one of the slowest tools to crack ZIP files.

05. Advanced ZIP Password Recovery

Have you tried plenty of methods to recovery a ZIP password but no luck yet? You can try the Advanced ZIP Password Recovery tool. For many individuals, Advanced ZIP password recovery can be a very impressive and powerful option. It can be a lifesaver for many users. This app claims to have the ability to crack passwords that are considered to be complex. So, if you have a Windows OS on your PC, this can be a very impressive option to consider.

Advanced ZIP password recovery

Benefits of Advanced ZIP password recovery

  • This tool comes with a very impressive and friendly user-interface.
  • It works without any hassle at all to crack passwords of all the ZIP files.
  • It is a lightweight program that doesn’t require heavy system resources.


  • This app is pretty slow, just like the previous option to encrypt the password.

06. Ultimate ZIP Cracker

When you are looking for a ZIP password recovery tool, you should not miss Ultimate ZIP Cracker. Thanks to the intelligent algorithm, Ultimate ZIP Cracker can check over 4,500,000 passwords in a second. In addition to that, the program comes with different search methods. For instance, it includes options such as Smart Search, Dictionary Search, Date Search, and Customized Search.

Ultimate ZIP Cracker

Benefits of Ultimate ZIP Cracker

  • This tool works pretty fast to recover passwords.


  • You should purchase the premium version to experience all the features.

07. ZIP File Password Recovery Utility

For many individuals, this can be a superb option to recover ZIP files that are locked with passwords. One of the most significant characteristics of ZIP File Password Recovery Utility is its high success rate. That means this tool can give access to pretty much any ZIP file that is password protected. It works on both ZIP and WinZip files. It is exceptionally easier to use, and it comes with constant free updates as well. Moreover, they have very impressive customer service as well. They are willing to answer all your queries without any trouble.

ZIP File Password Recovery Utility

Benefits of ZIP File Password Recovery Utility

  • This tool can handle all the ZIP files that are encrypted with AES.
  • It works with both .zip and .zipx files.


  • It features a very slow speed.

08. ZIP Password Genius

You can consider ZIP Password Genius as another handy tool that works as a good ZIP password recovery tool. This app has an intuitive toolbar and multiple tabs specifically to configure the passwords. ZIP Password Genius has a separate window that displays the ongoing event in real-time. According to many users, ZIP password recovery is a walk in the park with this tool.

ZIP Password Genius

Benefits of ZIP Password Genius

  • It works on all versions of Windows.
  • It is compatible with all the formats of ZIP files.
  • There is a very nice user-interface.


  • Lagging performance, most of the time, is a significant drawback.

Those are the best tools you can try if you are looking for a good ZIP password recovery tool. In fact, all those 08 tools are proven to be very impressive. However, we consider Passper for ZIP as the best of all due to various reasons. It shows greater reliability, better speed, better stability, and many other good features to stand out from the competition. With that said, we appreciate it if you can leave a comment as well. If you know better tools than what we have mentioned above, don’t forget to let us know.

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